On behalf of the Solon Chamber of Commerce, I thank you for speaking at our January Luncheon at The Mustard Seed.

The audience was captivated by the information on Cleveland’s interesting history! You are a wonderful storyteller and communicated the information very clearly!

Thank you again for helping support our mission to serve as an advocate for the business community by supporting and fostering vibrant economic growth.

Again, thank you for serving as our luncheon speaker.


Jennifer Natale
President / CEO
Solon Chamber of Commerce

Dan was FANTASTIC! Everyone loved him! We also have in our chamber a Solon Women in Business Group and would love to have Dan come and speak on the topic: “Famous and Infamous Women of Millionaire’s Row.” 


Jennifer Natale
President / CEO
Solon Chamber of Commerce

Thank you so very much for your talk on Saturday evening, truly a pleasure. I really enjoy listening to people as excited about Cleveland as I am! I think we are experiencing a renaissance here and it’s a joy to see. I know it was a long drive for you, especially since you had another event yesterday – so thank you again!


Jennifer A. O’Brien
Loan Syndicate, Sales & Research
KeyBane Capital Markets, Inc.

Thank you very much for presenting the Famous and Infamous Women of Cleveland’s Millionaires’ Row Program at Lakewood Public Library. Sunday’s audience was enthusiastic and appreciative. It’s always a treat to provide our patrons with important historical information in a free venue.


Elaine Rosenberger
Lakewood Public Library

Thank you. I have heard you three times and will continue to follow you. We had many good compliments over your presentation. I am sure you will be hearing from attendees shortly.

You again captivated the audience! Three is a charm. I never tire of your knowledge and how you bring such interest to the history. Our group sat in silence hanging on each word you spoke. We had many attendees tell us what an enjoyable presentation and asking how to get more information on how to contact you. I, for one, could listen to you for hours!

Thank you, so very much, you made me look like a hero for having you as our speaker.


Nancy L. Jazwa
Regional Account Manager
MP Stair Financial

We loved Dan’s program on the Famous and Infamous Women. I have talked to several who attended and have asked them to give their feedback, either by email or USPS.

Dan has such a vast knowledge of the history of Cleveland and delivers it in a “homey and conversational” way that is a pleasure to listen to him. I really enjoyed listening to him and look forward to hearing him again sometime.


Betty Osen
Bethesda on the Bay Lutheran Church

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 the Greenwood Farm Historical, Cultural, & Arts Association, Inc. was very pleased to host Dan Ruminski and present his newest talk titled, “Famous & Infamous Women of Millionaires’ Row.” The program was a huge success, as witnessed by a capacity crowd coming to the Farm in Richmond Heights.

Dan’s passion for the history of Cleveland and the prominent families of Millionaires’ Row is a great match for the mission of the Greenwood Farm Association in that it reflects our goal to retain the history of the Phypers family and repair and renovate the home and property of their estate. Dan’s reputation brought validity to that work and introduced a whole new audience to the story of the Farm.

Immediately upon the completion of Dan’s program, folks were asking for us to bring him back for another one of his topics. People were saying they could have listened to him for hours! Word got out quickly about how interesting Dan’s talk was and the next day a member of the community asked for Dan’s contact information so she could schedule him to speak at her genealogy club.

The Greenwood Farm Association looks forward to scheduling another program with Dan Ruminski in the very near future!


Marilyn Wilson
Greenwood Farm Board of Directors

“The Chagrin Valley Woman’s Club loved having Dan as a speaker today. So much fun hearing about the many interesting Cleveland stories and the White family. He does give his audience a renewed pride in Cleveland. We’re all so happy he’s spreading good will about our beloved city.

Thank you, Dan.”


Brenda Hattendorf
1st Vice President

“Dan was charming and thoughtful, and his stories were very interesting and informative. Dan’s storytelling style while sitting in a chair transported everyone to another time and place. Everyone I talked with enjoyed Dan’s stories. He held everyone’s attention throughout his presentation.

Our PERI luncheon averages 60 to 70 attendees, but for this luncheon we had 96 attendees. We feel that Dan’s presentation was the inspiration for more people attending this month’s luncheon. We will definitely invite him back.”


JoAnn Schanz
Program Chairman
Public Employees Retirees, Inc. Lake County Chapter

“Mr. Ruminksi’s recent performance at Twinsburg Public Library further cemented his reputation as an historian, teacher and perhaps most of all, a story teller.

His reminiscences about Cleveland’s Millionaires’ Row was not about Mansions but about the people. He made the area and the time in which these people lived come alive. He further gave us a glimpse into what made them the leaders of industry and technology that they became.

I cannot wait until Mr. Ruminsky returns to Twinsburg to share more of ‘his story‘.”


Timothy Burns
Adult Public Services Manager
Twinsburg Library

“Dan made the colorful lives of the Rockefellers, Corrigans, McKinneys and Coulbys of Wickliffe very real and compelling to attendees of his recent presentation at the Perry Library. Laura Corrigans amazing hubris as a social jet setter was palpable as Dan related the tale of her wooing European royalty and at the same time ministering to the stark needs of refugees. Dan does indeed tell a very good story.”


Susan Traub
Adult Programs
Perry Library

“I knew I would enjoy your presentation, but just how much was pleasantly surprising. What I enjoyed so much as I am sure all our guests did was how you personalized the families of Millionaires’ Row. It was interesting to know even they had issues in their lives. Detailing the Cleveland connection to historical events was a surprise to many of us. Also, we enjoyed hearing how many of these men and families were inter-connected. We hope you have continued success in getting your stories told to rebuild the pride in Cleveland.”


Dianne Cross
Madison Historical Society

“Thank you so much for your presentation about John D. Rockefeller. It drew a very nice crowd—about 60 attendees and you gave us a great deal of information that was new.

It was a wonderful program with a lot of human interest anecdotes, and the photos and art work you displayed were great. Everyone enjoyed your description of the sleigh “drag races” along Euclid Avenue. It was interesting to hear that the millionaires of Cleveland were the idols and stars of their era. It also was nice that you mentioned Rockefeller’s philanthropy which often goes unspoken. Again thank you for an enlightening and interesting evening, and a special thanks from our President Chuck Hesse. We were impressed by all the research you’ve done over the years that made this progrqm so lively and enjoyable. It was very much appreciated.”


Harriet Novy
Bainbridge Township Historical Society

“Mr. Ruminski did a wonderful job speaking at the Pasteur Club, a social organization for physicians and spouses. He captivated his audience bringing late 19th and early 20th century Cleveland and its personalities to life. His story telling manner is reminiscent of those raconteurs of days past, a wonderful experience for every member of the audience. He is a wonderful Cleveland resource.”


Thomas A. Stellato, MD
Professor of Surgery
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“Dan engages an audience more completely than anyone I’ve ever seen. While he sits in a chair telling a story, the audience is transported to another time and place. His reputation as an excellent storyteller precedes him and we always have a full house at his presentations. Can’t wait to have him back!”


Amanda Densmore
Adult Information Services Manager
Mentor Public Library

“I thought Dan was a great speaker. Very interesting. Held my attention through out the program. Seemed very knowledgeable . So happy to have had him there. Many people have also agreed with me. I will always recommend him to anyone needing a program,. Maybe we can have him back again at a later time. Thank him very much for coming.”


Grace Bower
B’nai Jeshurun Congregation

“Dear Dan,

Thanks to you, Storyteller Extraordinaire, you managed to hold our group of Sunday School senior adults spellbound for nearly an hour, and believe me that was no easy task. Truly, I heard so many compliments following your historic presentation on Sunday. September 21st at Church of the Saviour… everyone was eager to hear more. This fall, I was expected to provide six programs for our class, and I was delighted that you were amenable to visit with us early in our speaker’s schedule. And come to think of schedules, you, yourself have had plenty of planning to accomplish for the month of September as well.

Thank you for arranging time and dates for our members; you may get a future call for another one of your six tales of historic Cleveland, and the wealthy people who built our memorable city in the Twentieth Century. I know all members present learned so much from your thorough research, and it is evident that you have enjoyed your journey through the lives of your many colorful subjects.

Thank you again, Dan; Congratulations on your recent September marriage and hopefully, a return engagement on Cleveland history will be in both of our futures.”


Carol Jp Griffith
September 23, 2013

“Dan gave a presentation at a picnic meeting of the Painesville Gyro Club at Lantern Court in Kirtland and it was so well received that he was invited back by the club to speak at a picnic in Concord Township at the Bill Robertson home. This is very unusual, because Gyro almost never has programs associated with its meetings, let alone two programs – by the same person. But Dan’s exceptional knowledge of the subject matter he talked about – Millionaires’ Row in Cleveland and the Corrigan family in Wickiffe, was so impressive and interesting that the members were enthralled, and expect to invite him back again for another talk. Gyro is a men’s social club that gives little evidence of having a serious side, but when Dan spoke the Gyros and their ladies hung on his every word. His speaking style is impressive, his subject matter riveting and his relaxed approach created a whole new “fan club” for Dan. We definitely want him back!”


Jim Collins

“Dan is a riveting speaker and knows how to capture an audience’s attention and invite them to hang on every word!

As the founder of the Horse Country Road Tour, I can endorse Dan for his skills and knowledge because for the past several years Dan has been our event’s official historian. We visit historic barns and estates on our annual tour, and Dan is prepared with knowledge and stories of the histories and families of each property on the tour. Without notes Dan is able to share great stories at length in a very entertaining and yet educational manner.

Dan’s talks are key part and a highlight of the Horse Country Road Tour, including his closing key note address at the event dinner in front of more than 150 guests. He has given us presentations on many topics over the years, including Millionaires Row, Polo in the Valley, Halfred Farms, Arrowhead Farm, Daisy Hill, the Van Sweringens, the Mathers, the Bishops, the Whites, the Burkes and so many more families and estates throughout our area.

Dan is perfect for our audience and I would highly recommend Dan as speaker and story teller for your next important event. He is excellent!”


Tom Barratt
Horse Country Road Tour

“Dan – I know I’m speaking for everyone at the Middleburg Heights Historical Society when I tell you how very much we enjoyed your talk on the Mansions of Wickliffe and the folks who lived in them. It was riveting and we thank you so much. You are, indeed, the Story Teller!

When I shared bits of your stories with my son, he was a bit miffed that I just did not buy both books. I really meant to buy them last week at our meeting. I just couldn’t find the time. Just too many little things to do, people to talk to, etc. On one of your marketing pages, there is a Willoughby address for you. If I sent $50.00 would you send them to me?. I certainly can also pay the postage when I discover what it is.

Thanx again for two excellent programs.”


Barb Becker

“Thank you for the inspiration and presentation at Friday’s Gilmour Academy Blue and Gray event. It was quite wonderful and you were excellent.”


Charles Smith
Blue & Gray Society Event
May 2013

“Everyone so enjoyed your wonderful tales of Wickliffe Mansions and the people who lived in them. Laura Mae Corrigan was really quite a gal and her standing on tables amazed me. The gift of storytelling entails interesting information, but told in an entertaining way. You have mastered that. Some people have great stories to tell, but they don’t come across too well. You get our imaginations going, as if we are peering over the fence and watching how the other half lives, dresses, plays, dines and how they made their money. Members are still telling us how much they enjoyed your stories and they would like to hear more, so we will see what we can arrange. Thank you so very much.”


Grace Richards
Great Estates of Wickliffe Mansions
May 10th at Pine Ridge Country Club

“I have had the opportunity to book Dan Ruminski for our Lecture Series here at St. Mary of the Woods. The information provided by Dan is a well researched history lesson. He always fills the room and keeps my audience captivated by his knowledge. The manor in which the “lesson” is provided is much like sitting on the front porch with an old friend indulging in a enjoyable recollection of Cleveland’s past events. I highly recommend that given the opportunity you too pursue employing Mr. Ruminski for your next event.”


Peggy Rice
Director of Sales & Marketing
St. Mary of the Woods

“Thank you for your fantastic presentation. That hour went by in 15 minutes. We will make every effort to attend future presentations. I lived in the Cleveland area almost my entire life and learned more during your talk then I did in school.”


Bob and Linda Neer
Millionaires Row Talk, May 2013
USS Saufley Naval Reunion